Planned progress through citizen participation

A non-partisan citizens’ group, calling themselves Citizens for a Countywide Transportation Plan (CitizensCTP), who seek to work collaboratively with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to complete a multi-modal Countywide Transportation Plan that


  • is fiscally responsible
  • consistent with the County’s Comprehensive Plan (residential development should be outlined (planned) in the Comprehensive Plan and not induced by a line of the map.This helps developers since they will have a clear direction where to build the next community)
  • encourages pedestrian accessibility
  • and protects the quality of life of County residents



“Historically, many of the largest transportation investments in urban areas, namely highway construction projects, split apart and destroy the fabric of neighborhoods. While these investments may have enhanced mobility, it came at a very high price in terms of the character of cities, the nature of suburban communities, and our ability to create places where people want to live.



Rather than thinking of transportation in terms of moving people and things from point A to point B, we should view the role of transportation as providing access to the goods, services, and experiences that enrich communities’ lives.” Fred Hansen The current draft CTP places too much emphasis on mobility through the Dulles District at the expense of accessibility to area businesses, and quality of life for Loudoun County/Dulles District residents.