Transportation board designates new ‘Corridor of Significance’ N.Va.


The CTB passed the vote to designate a Corridor of Statewide Significance without the proper procedure and public input.
CTB members leading the push have been Gary Garczynski, a Prince William County developer appointed by Governor McDonnell to the Commonwealth Transportation Board, and Doug Koelemay of SAIC, appointed by Governor Kaine.


This corridor would not solve any existing traffic problem, but become another development corridor and add more cars to already overfilled roads East-West.


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Virginia Secretary of Transportation Sean Connaughton pushed through a vote to designate the controversial Outer Beltway as a new Corridor of Statewide Significance. There were a number of questions and concerns about the failure to consult with local governments or to do any technical review, as was done with previous corridor designations. Secretary Connaughton pushed for this highway over the objections of Loudoun, Fauquier and Clarke Counties, and without consulting with Northern Virginia’s largest jurisdictions, including Fairfax.

This signals a shift in the decision making process in Virginia. Were Secretary Connaughton to continue to pursue this project, it would likely divert scarce transportation revenues from Northern Virginia’s most critical needs, which include I-66, I-95, Route 7, Dulles Rail, and Metro. The Coalition for Smarter Growth will continue to advocate for inclusive decision making and for comprehensive land use and transportation solution for Northern Virginia.