ALERT - Outer Beltway Moves Ahead

Thank you for voicing your support for Supervisor Burton's resolution opposing a Northern Virginia North-South Corridor of Statewide Significance, which is supported by the Board of Supervisors.


Surprisingly the CTB (Common Wealth Transportation Board) pushes ahead with the de facto Outer Beltway which would span from I-95 south to Route 7 in Loudoun County. Needless to say that money will be moved away from other important projects which are needed by citizen. A copy of the CTB resolution to designate the Northern Virginia North South Corridor of Statewide Significance for a  May 18 vote, can be found here.


It’s an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars.  Loudoun residents mostly commute east-west, and these roads are already jammed with traffic. Instead of building new roads in low-traffic areas, we should devote resources to fixing what we already have and improve East-West transportation.

The Outer Beltway / Western Bypass would just be another development corridor to build more homes. Please join us in proposing to improve roads which will help citizens and oppose the outer beltway .


If the CTB votes to approve the designation on May 18th, the county and the people have to comply and there won't be any opportunity for public input or opposition of the Board of Supervisors.


An outer beltway won’t decrease traffic:


  • An outer beltway would only make our traffic worse by opening new areas to sprawl development. and putting more cars on the road. (There are 30 000+ homes already approved, but not yet build,  in Loudoun)


  • The proposal  would dump Prince William County traffic onto Loudoun County’s primary east-west corridors – Route 50, Route 7, and the Greenway.


  • This would undermine the authority of local governments. The CTB is not an elected body and does not answer to voters, yet they appear willing to take away our rights.


  • If approved, this Corridor of Statewide Significance would threaten our Transition Area lower density policies and take money away from our real needs which is East-West transportation .


  • At a time when the State is borrowing money and using a decade's worth of money, we can't afford to waste it on an outer beltway that won't help commuters.


  • The CTB has not consulted our elected officials or held public hearings in our community!


Northstar Bld and Belmont Ridge Road are the most likely candidates for the Western Transportation Corridor:



Please take a moment to email the officials and express your opposition to this new outer beltway and lack of transparency.