The Virginia Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) is trying to sneak in an outer beltway without input from Loudoun residents. It’s an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars.  Loudoun residents mostly commute east-west, and these roads are already jammed with traffic. Instead of building new roads in low-traffic areas, we should devote resources to fixing what we already have.

In making the case for adopting the resolution for the new Corridor of Statewide Significance, CTB member Doug Koelemay said it’s a …”broadly defined area between Rt 15 and Rt 28…this corridor is Potomac to Potomac/river to river”.  The last part of his statement refers to the fact that the proposed corridor would reach from east of Rt 95 below Washington by the Potomac in Stafford County and extend west and north to the Potomac River above Rt 7 in Loudoun County.

In response, CTB member Jim Rich said “This is nothing new… this is about another beltway around Washington, D.C….It hurts commuters…Look at the cost…maybe over a billion dollars.”  He also mentioned that an outer beltway has been discussed for over 20 years but has never been found to be justified.

And CTB member Gerald McCarthy said the proposal “…seems a little bit more like a Ready,Fire, Aim situation we’re being presented with.”


Listen to the conversation here - Discussion starts just before 55:00:00

We agree with members Jim Rich and Gerald McCarthy and do not support the proposal to add this roadway as a Corridor of Statewide Significance