Earlier this year, a joint motion by the Loudoun and Prince William County Chambers of Commerce urging “the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Commonwealth Transportation Board to designate the Bi-County and Tri-County Parkways as Corridors of Statewide Significance” and “to ensure the protection of adequate rights of way and capacities for these corridors."   A copy of this motion is poste-one-line; it is the second page of the document. 

What, is a Corridor of Statewide Significance (CoSS)?  The VDOT definition is as follows:

“An integrated, multimodal network of transportation facilities that connect major centers of activity within and through the Commonwealth and promote the movement of people and goods essential to the economic prosperity of the state.”

More important is the fact that such corridors are determined by the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) – an appointed, unelected body – and once so designated the County must insert them into its Countywide Transportation Plan.  The County cannot re-locate them, eliminate them, or change the number of lanes.


Please re-call that an outer Beltway will only promote more development and our streets will be busier than ever. Image traffic like in Los Angeles, where it is impossible to get anywhere without being stuck in traffic.