It's time for the Loudoun Board of Supervisors (BOS) to recognize what NVTA really is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  The developer controlled NVTA is trying to protect their own self interest by making the County Transportation Plan a gift wrapped vehicle for developers.

Citizens have demonstrated a forward thinking approach to transportation solutions and have called for cost effective changes to the draft CTP. The development community, represented by the recent statements of NVTA, has the choice to distance itself from the outdated plans of the past. Now is the time for the Board of Supervisors to join the smart thinking options delivered by the citizens and separate themselves from 'business as usual.'


We think it's time for the process and key players to 'smarten up.' The taxpayers of Loudoun are already there.


There are three main roads serving Dulles Airport: the Toll Road, Dulles Access Road and Rt. 28. Why would NTVA push so hard to make us believe that Rt. 659 is a vital link in the Dulles Road network? It isn't. But, in their world of blue smoke and mirrors, NTVA wants to try to mislead citizens and the Loudoun BOS by widening roads to enable higher density developments through rezonings.

In fact, the NTVA is the very group that continues to push for an Outer Beltway or Western Bypass through Loudoun County. This is the very same Outer Beltway that the Loudoun BOS strongly opposed in a letter sent to Richmond that was strongly defeated. Now, the NVTA is trying to get the Outer Beltway built via the draft CTP, but citizens and the Loudoun BOS are much the wiser.


Citizens can barely afford the taxes on the residential development that we have now. How are we going to pay for the schools, fire and rescue and infrastructure which will be required to support the 'dreams' of the NTVA?


The CitizensCTP is a cross-section of citizens who live in various communities throughout Loudoun County and felt the need to come together because we care about the future of Loudoun County.  We are not a group of developers, rather Loudoun citizens made up of business professionals, retired seniors, farmers, stay at home parents, and the like who feel strongly about keeping Loudoun as a highly desirable place for citizens to work and live and have spent a tremendous amount of our own resources (time and money) to better inform our BOS about needed improvements to the CTP. 


Does NTVA expect to send out a single self serving press release and have the BOS jump at their beck and call?  Two years ago, Citizens voted for a new BOS in Loudoun County. A Board that cares more about the citizen's needs rather than the self-serving interest of developers and land speculators that control NTVA.