A review of the Battlefield Bypass studies. This study was pushed by developers to justify the Try County Parkway and let tax payers build a development corridor for new homes.

1) None of the build alternatives reduce vehicle hours of travel, and therefore they would  not meaningfully reduce congestion. As the DEIS states: “VHT will increase approximately 68 percent from 2005 to 2030 regardless of the alternative selected.” The build alternatives thus fail to meet the first element of the Project Purpose and Need, which is to reduce congestion..

2) The DEIS demonstrates that future congestion on east-west roadways in the study area will be much worse than congestion on north-south roads, and that none of the build alternatives would significantly reduce this congestion.

3) The Tri-County Parkway alternatives also are ineffective in reducing traffic congestion on VA 28. Instead, they primarily would carry new, induced traffic and shift traffic from uncongested local roads.