Look at this item from Supervisor Matt Letourneau's (Dulles district) latest newsletter:


It is blatantly obvious to me that more money must be invested in our road infrastructure.  It is also obvious that Loudoun County isn’t going to get it from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Therefore, I will be supporting a proposal in the FY14 budget to dedicate two cents of our tax rate for road construction in Loudoun.  This line item would generate between $13-$17 million per year, and could be used to obtain funding authority for over $100 million.  While I have a strong desire to hold the line on taxes, I also believe that our residents would be willing to pay a small amount in their tax rate if they knew it would be used for road construction specifically in Loudoun.


This budget line item could be the key to funding needed projects like the Route 606 widening.  Stay tuned over the coming few months for more about this proposal.