Today, May 1st, the Board of Supervisors will consider changes to Loudoun's Countywide Transportation Plan that could turn Belmont Ridge Road into a road like route 28, a high-speed, six lane highway planned to carry more tractor-trailers and other through-traffic. The board is considering six-laning Belmont Ridge Road and Northstar Boulevard, which would turn them into dangerous, uncrossable barriers through our neighborhoods and affect nearby property values.


This expansion would put the interests of speculative developers and through-commuters ahead of county residents--who need solutions for traffic congestion on the east-west routes that connect Loudoun with D.C. A new north-south highway won't fix Loudoun residents' traffic problems. It will only make them worse, by inviting a new wave of sprawl and the increased traffic that comes with it.

Some supervisors may tell you, that this may note happen for 50 years, due to insufficient funding. VDOT already started the research phase, this highway could be build in a few years with borrowed (our future tax) money.

Please read on below to learn about noise impact on children's learning ability and hypertension in adults.


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  • Speak at the public hearing on
  •  Tuesday,  May 1st, 6pm
  •  (1 Harrison Street S.E., Leesburg, VA 20175).   Schedule




  • To Sign Up to Speak in Advance: Call the Clerk to the Board at 703-771-5072 or 703-777-0200. Advance sign-ups will be taken until 12 noon on April 10th. Speakers can also register that evening. This is the first agenda item. If registering on April 10th, arrive well in advance of 6:00 p.m. to ensure a shorter evening.




Reasons why an 'outer beltway' won't fix Loudoun's traffic



Building a vast, north-south highway through Loudoun will hurt our neighborhoods and it won't help traffic because:


1) The primary traffic problem in Loudoun involves east-west commuting and this north-south road will divert hundreds of millions of dollars of limited transportation funding, from improvements that address the real problem.


2) The highway will open up Loudoun County's semi-rural "Transition Zone" and Prince William County's "Rural Crescent" to vastly increased development, adding tens of thousands of cars to already crowded east-west commuter roads.

3) In short: Road on the Map -> more residental development -> more cars on the road -> your commute and traffic pain gets worse (Don't you love to drive in LA, soon you don't need to travel anymore)


4) Many justify the highway (whatever name it's given) by saying that it would provide better southern tractor-trailer access to Dulles Airport, helping to create a major freight hub. But instead of using Rt 28 at the airport's doorstep, thousands more trucks on this roadway would have to join existing east/west traffic to get to the airport, 4+ miles to the east.

Schools next to the highway

The highway is along multiple schools and there are multiple studies which show a correlation that constant noise can impact academic performance. Schools next to the highway are listed below:

  • Seldens Landing Elementary
  • Belmont Station Elementary
  • Briar Woods High
  • John Champe High
  • Arcola Elementary
  • Future High School in Landsdown
  • Future Elemetary School in Arcola


Noise levels causing hypertension in adults

Several noise studies demonstrate a clear association between residential exposure to traffic noise (particularly night noise) and hypertension.


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