Prince William County Taking Over State Transportation Funds

Finally there is proof that the North-South roads are put on the map to support  PWC's economy development. The current transportation Secretary Sean Connaughton is a former supervisor of PWC. The supervisors of PWC reshuffled their Economic Development Task Force in 2009, appointing the Governor-Elect McDonnell’s Transition Team and Gary Garczynski.

    • Check this this document, which clearly states that the North-South roads (outer Beltway) will only benefit PWC, but has little support from other counties.
    • Also see NVTA misinforming official and the chamber that the new COSS would ease traffic on route 28, 29 and I-66. Anybody commuting on these roads, will have a hard time to believe that a North-South corridor could improve their East-west route.



    Gary Garczynski is a former president of the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance ( a lobbyist for developers) and served a President of National Capital Land and Development ( another lobbyist ). He is appointed to the Commonwealth Transportation Board and continues lobbying for developers and big un-needed roads, which will create more over development, but will not reduce peoples traffic problems!



    With the Governor's transition team and major developer lobbyists on the Transportation Board, it is no surprise that we see a big push for un-needed North-South roads, pretty much the same agenda the developer's lobbyist's are pushing for years. An agenda which will not help the people, but waste public money on lofty projects.