Again, public hearings are around the Holidays, giving citizen no chance to get accustomed to the plan and provide feedback about how public money should be spend.    Not enough time fro public input for buidling another development...
Look at this item from Supervisor Matt Letourneau's (Dulles district) latest newsletter: Transportation It is blatantly obvious to me that more money must be invested in our road infrastructure.  It is also obvious that Loudoun County isn’t...
JACKMAN: PLANS FOR LOUDOUN-PRINCE WILLIAM HIGHWAY MOVE FORWARD The major North-South highway that is being planned for Loudoun and Prince William counties got a public rollout of sorts last week. “Open houses” were held at Stone Bridge High School...
Our congestion problem was created by bad land-use planning and poor location decisions by major employers.We’ve failed to provide enough housing close to jobs while extending development more than 50 miles beyond downtown. The jobs-housing imbalance...

The outer Beltway is one of VDOT's prioirties and in Loudoun it will be the alignment of Northstar Blvd. and Belmont Ridge Road.




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Negative effects are:


* Takes funding from urgently needed projects, which would solve traffic problems East-West


* Will spur more residential development, which will only worsen our traffic situation


* Increased pollution from car traffic (exhaust, brake dust, noise)


* Split communities, have a highway in your backyard.